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What do you think? Suggestions?


The colors are gorgeous, but honestly you might want to put a graphic or something next to it, or a slogan...It kinda looks like a sign for a nail salon.
this was just one of the logos i made...im still in the process of creating some more. ive been trying to figure out some sort of something next to it...but i cant figure out what to do....designing your own stuff is so annoying!
I KNOW. It's like operating on yourself. I still don't have a 'grand vision' I'm happy with for my website redesign, after three years of this. And I don't even really HAVE a logo; I tell myself in some ways staying generic is good in that it won't 'scare' customers away with a daring or flashy logo. That's my excuse, anyway.
I like the last one best - it looks the most sophisticated. I would, however, maybe add another font (one that's different enough to give contrast) in there to spice it up a bit.
ill do that. thanks
Have you ever considered shortening it to Hester Designs? I think you'd get more bang for your buck. And you could incorporate a nice simple iconic logo to go with it. Or you could shrink the vertical "Designs" to fit in vertical space of "Hester" which will give a nice cohesive look.

As for the current treatment... I really like that Font. Having the whole thing in the same font is a little distracting, though. Might want to break it up with a nice serif font or a slightly bolder sans-serif.

My personal theory is to avoid effects like beveling and drop shadows because it makes it harder to brand and can make a logo look amateur. You're obviously not that, I'm just mentioning my mantra on that. If you're going for a shiny disco effect, it might be worthwhile to explore doing a vector version of it without the effect and see where that takes you.

You said that this was only one of the designs... can we see the others? I think the comparison could be helpful!

My .02... or maybe it's 1.00. For what it's worth. =]

just clicked in my head.

why not use the logo you've already made? i dunno if you realized it or not when you made it, but you did.
right at the top of www.abigailhester.com
the semi-circle of progressively smaller circles.
its even on the card of matt's essentially "branding" your work.
i, in fact, love it.
that is all.

Re: just clicked in my head.

i hate it....gay! i dont like it! its too random or something. but im def. not using the one in this post either. but thanks smartie britches!

Re: just clicked in my head.

whether you like it or not, it is something more along the lines of what you need... not just your name, but a symbol that represents your brand as well, something that can be dumbed down to just the symbol and get the whole idea across. And that circle thing does just that... sure, use something different, but make sure it still has something simple WITHIN it that you can use.
and i am NOT that smart.

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