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A_Graphic Design
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Welcome to A_GraphicDesign!
.show off your work.
.need design help.
.need inspiration.
.found a great website.
.read a crazy article.
.resume help.
.looking for a designer.
.looking for work.
.need cheap web hosting.
.cant find a font.
.looking for brushes.
.post tutorials.
.have a designers rant.
.promote another artistic community.

1. Make sure when you post, make your link open in a new window.
[Like this: <*a href="http://www.yoursitehere.com" target="_blank"*>]
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2. When posting links, please convert URLS larger than 100 characters or so to smaller urls: http://tinyurl.com/

3. Post large or mulitple images behind livejournal cuts.
[Like this: Type <*lj-cut text="Read more"*> before the text you want to hide, replacing "Read more" with the word or phrase to link to the entire entry. If you want to start showing text again, type <*/lj-cut*> after the text you want to cut.]
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